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The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #4: The Omen (the original)

I love “The Omen” (the original), not the crappy remake. “The Omen” with Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, is another one of my favorite horror flicks to watch on Halloween night every year. The film is directed by Richard Donner too, by the way. It’s a truly creepy flick. This film is just perfect all the way through. Great writing and great acting. The film direction is even real good. If any of you haven’t even seen the original “Omen” flick, what are you waiting for? If you have Netflix like I do, “The Omen” is streamable there. Do yourself a favor and see this film either before Halloween or on Halloween night itself. If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, then I’m sure you can rent it somewhere or wait for those classic movie channels to do a horror film marathon, TV usually air the original around Halloween season.