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Next Gremlins film will not be a reboot after all, it’ll be a third installment to the trilogy…

Zach Galligan who played Billy in Gremlins 1 and 2 attended a screening event of the first Gremlins movie in London and he said a “Gremlins 3” is definitely happening. There’s a pretty good chance that he might be reprising his role as Billy in the third one too. The plot to the third installment of Gremlins is unknown at this time but it will probably be something like taken place 30 years later after the first one.


It be pretty cool if Corey Feldman would return to this movie as well.

Like most, I’m a huge fan of the first “Gremlins” movie. Never cared for the 2nd one, though but the first one will always be a classic. I’ve been a huge fan of the first one long before the internet was around. It was one of my favorite movies as a young kid and still is one of my favorite films!




Report: Gremlins 3D coming to the big screen? A third installment, not a remake is in the works…

It was just announced that not only that there is another “Ghostbusters” movie on the way, there is also another “Gremlins” movie coming. Just to keep in mind, the next Gremlins movie will be the third installment to the trilogy, it won’t be a remake or a reboot. So that means, Gizmo, the furry little hero and the villain, Stripe, might be coming back, I’m sure.

This is really great news as I fuckin’ loved both Gremlins movies!!! The third Gremlins movie will be made in 3D and possibly returning to direct is Joe Dante who did the first two Gremlins movies.

Man, if they can bring back Zack Galligan as Billy again and Corey Feldman to come back as Pete Fountaine, that would be sweet! Lets hope they keep Gizmo and the Gremlins as puppets and not as CGI animated. I’m glad to hear the news of Gremlins and it would be successful. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of CGI effects and plenty of popcorn action, but lets hope they keep the creatures puppets.

The first Gremlins movie was absolutely amazing and one of my favorite childhood films of all times! Bring on Gremlins 3D! I’m all for it! Also, lets hope they keep the original theme song.