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Game Review: Heavy Rain ****SPOILERS****

So I finished the game, “Heavy Rain” already. Well, sort of. Why, “sort of”? Because there are multiple endings to the game, not just one. People accused this game of being an interactive movie, but after playing the game, it is more than just an interactive movie. You play through the 4 characters, Madison Paige, Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby. Like I said before, it’s almost like a role playing game where you have to make careful decisions on things.

In this game, you have to watch out what you say through the characters. You also have a choice if you want any of the characters to survive or die. If one of the main characters dies, the ending of the game will be different. When I played the game, I let Norman Jayden die by mistake, I killed him off in the junk yard scene by accident…because during the scene, all these control buttons appear on the screen, making you do stuff so he can survive. Well I hit the wrong buttons more than enough times which is why I made him die ’cause the buttons came on the screen so quick. I let Scott, Madison, and Ethan survive though. You can even have a choice if you want Shaun Mars (Ethan’s son) to live or to die in the game.

The two most important people you want to stay alive is Ethan and Shaun of course, the rest of the characters you can either let die if you want so it can be a happy ending with Ethan and Shaun. If you let Ethan and Shaun die in the game, it won’t be a very happy ending. So yeah, there’s more than one ending to the game.

I won’t explain the endings…but I will say who the Origami serial killer is below with a spoiler warning. It didn’t surprise me who the killer was, I knew who it was since the beggining of the game, it was easy to figure out who it was.

The Origami killer is………………………


Scott Shelby, the private eye detective.

*****************************END SPOILER****************************************************************************

I’ll play the game again down the road, for a different ending, but not right now. I think I want to move on to a different game. I think I’ll start playing “Bayonetta” next tomorrow. Even though “Heavy Rain” was a very short game, I’m sure there will be a sequel. “Heavy Rain” was a brilliant game. It’s definitely one of my favorite games in my collection.


Thought: “Heavy Rain” is the most impressive game I’ve ever played, it’s absolutely amazing!!!

So after finishing “Bioshock 2”, I finally decided to start the game “Heavy Rain” next. Which I already started a few days ago, I played a lot of this game before work today. The game “Heavy Rain” got a lot of negative critique, but in my opinion, I think this is one of the best games I’ve ever played on the PS3 so far. People accused this game of being a boring interactive movie. I would have to agree and disagree both on that. While it is an interactive movie, it’s actually a game too. It’s almost like a role playing game. You have to make careful decisions in this game or bad things will happen ahead if you make the wrong decision.

In this game you don’t just play one character. You play 4 different characters throughout the game. You play, Ethan Mars, Madison Paige, FBI agent Norman Jayden, and Det. Scott Shelby. I like all the characters but I think that Norman Jayden guy is a badass character, and I think he deserves his own game as a spinoff. The game tells the story of an architect, Ethan Mars, who has a family, he learns about the Origami serial killer. The Origami serial killer is actually a child killer and of course, the game’s mission is to hunt down the killer.

You can play the characters while the movie is still going which is cool. The game has quite a bit of nudity too. The best part is that you can actually play Madison Paige naked while she’s taking a shower. The game shows the privates and everything. After playing this game for a while, it got me thinking, “No wonder so many want David Fincher to direct this live action movie, the game is pretty close to the movie, “Se7en”.

So far, I’m impressed with the game. Probably the best game in my collection. It should be a live action movie. I think David Fincher is a perfect choice of a director if they can get him for it…but who would play the characters in the live action version?

The Ethan Mars role, I think David Duchovny might be perfect for that character. What about Norman Jayden? When I looked at Norman in the game, he looked almost exactly like Mark Wahlberg, so Marky Mark would be my pick. For Madison Paige, a young actress would be better for her, in the picture above is Madison, so who does she reminds you of? She looks a little more like Jennifer Connelly or Famke Janssen. As for Scott Shelby, Robert Deniro might be good for him. So there’s my casting pick for the live action version.

The live action version is in the works, they just haven’t confirmed a director yet, so hopefully it will be Fincher.

I just started the game, so I don’t know who the Origami killer is yet, but I do have a feeling it’s one of those main 4 characters though. I think the gameplay is very cool, unique and different. You can actually play in a movie, that’s what’s so cool about it. Games haven’t done that before. Most importantly I just love the story ’cause I love serial killer fiction.


“Heavy Rain” for the ps3, will this be the next big American video game???

There’s this new game coming out soon for the PS3 ONLY called, “Heavy Rain”. It’s a dark erotic thriller. Yes, I said that…”erotic”. That means the game is possibly going to have a lot of sexual content throughout most of it. Get the clue with the animated woman character in the picture above from the game itself.

“Grand Theft Auto IV’ caught the world’s attention. I think “Heavy Rain” could top the GTA series. It’s getting a lot of huge attention in youtube.

I’m not sure if the game has nudity of female characters or not but if it does, that won’t be the only reason I would be getting it. The game looks interesting itself. I’m not even sure what the game is about. I don’t think anybody knows ’cause the makers of the game refuses to give out the plot ’cause I think the point of the game is that it’s your job to figure out the plot in your own way. Expect this game to be all over the media news in about a week or two when the game comes out.

This game hits stores Feb. 23rd in a few weeks, so I think this is another game I’m gonna pick up. I know, I’m a big video game nerd, it’s something I like to do when I’m relaxing from fitness and something I do when I come home from work.

Enjoy the clips below of the game.