Game Review: Heavy Rain ****SPOILERS****

So I finished the game, “Heavy Rain” already. Well, sort of. Why, “sort of”? Because there are multiple endings to the game, not just one. People accused this game of being an interactive movie, but after playing the game, it is more than just an interactive movie. You play through the 4 characters, Madison Paige, Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby. Like I said before, it’s almost like a role playing game where you have to make careful decisions on things.

In this game, you have to watch out what you say through the characters. You also have a choice if you want any of the characters to survive or die. If one of the main characters dies, the ending of the game will be different. When I played the game, I let Norman Jayden die by mistake, I killed him off in the junk yard scene by accident…because during the scene, all these control buttons appear on the screen, making you do stuff so he can survive. Well I hit the wrong buttons more than enough times which is why I made him die ’cause the buttons came on the screen so quick. I let Scott, Madison, and Ethan survive though. You can even have a choice if you want Shaun Mars (Ethan’s son) to live or to die in the game.

The two most important people you want to stay alive is Ethan and Shaun of course, the rest of the characters you can either let die if you want so it can be a happy ending with Ethan and Shaun. If you let Ethan and Shaun die in the game, it won’t be a very happy ending. So yeah, there’s more than one ending to the game.

I won’t explain the endings…but I will say who the Origami serial killer is below with a spoiler warning. It didn’t surprise me who the killer was, I knew who it was since the beggining of the game, it was easy to figure out who it was.

The Origami killer is………………………


Scott Shelby, the private eye detective.

*****************************END SPOILER****************************************************************************

I’ll play the game again down the road, for a different ending, but not right now. I think I want to move on to a different game. I think I’ll start playing “Bayonetta” next tomorrow. Even though “Heavy Rain” was a very short game, I’m sure there will be a sequel. “Heavy Rain” was a brilliant game. It’s definitely one of my favorite games in my collection.


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