Thought: About all this Mel Gibson drama…

I have been following all this Mel Gibson stuff in the news, and it doesn’t surprise me. When he got pulled over for DUI, when he did that rant about Jews, that was a sign to come that Mel is not a very nice guy in reality.

Now you know what it might be like to work with Mel on a movie when he’s on the director’s chair. Can you picture in your head when Mel tells an actor to do something, if the actor makes a mistake or said his lines wrong, I’m sure Mel gets pissed at that too.

Mel to actor: “Ok, in this scene, I want you to walk over there, say your lines in the script and that’s it.” Actor does what Mel says but messes up a few words in the speech. Mel screaming through megaphone, “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU FUCKING DO IT! YOU MESS UP AGAIN, I’M GOING TO FIRE YOUR ASS ON THE SPOT, NOW GET IT RIGHT!!!”

Yep, I bet Mel treats his film crew the same way, abuses them with hate speech. Keep in mind that in Hollywood, not everyone is friendly as you think. Everyone is different. Some actors/directors can be friendly, some can be assholes, etc. You know the deal. So for those who are hurt and offended over Mel’s temper tantrum’s, don’t be. This is nothing new, he’s probably been this way his whole life. I always hear stories that he was never a friendly guy at all.


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