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Brock’s Top 20 Favorite Horror films of all time…

It’s that’s time again. Halloween is just around the corner and I think it’s about time to do another Top Favorite Horror films list of all time. Just my way of recommending you some good stuff to watch on Halloween night. I think I usually do 15 every year, but I think I’ll do 20 this time. The list changes yearly due to the newer horror films that come out lately.

If you’re looking for some good movies to watch with all the lights off, here’s my list:

  1. Halloween (Carpenter version) – I’ll never get tired of this masterpiece. I watch it pretty much every Halloween night and I’m sure other people do as well. It’s a classic, indeed.
  2. Halloween II (Rob Zombie version) – Critics and movie fans hated this movie, but I fucking LOVED it. I thought Rob did a wonderful job on doing justice with Michael Myers, the way he’s supposed to be. This was a really disturbing and creepy film. I haven’t seen this film in a long time, maybe I’ll watch it again this weekend.
  3. Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn – This is my favorite of the Evil Dead series. Love this movie too much. If you want to be scared to death, get grossed out and laugh your ass off at the same time, this is the film for you. Always a great film to watch on Halloween.
  4. The Exorcist – Of course, can’t leave this one off the list, and it needs to be in the top 5 for sure. Can never forget the incredible performance by Max Von Sydow.
  5. The Omen (original) – Man, I love this movie. Everything about this movie is perfect, and of course, Gregory Peck was amazing in this flick.
  6. Night of the Living Dead (original) – Can’t forget the George A. Romero classic, the man responsible for bringing zombies into films. There maybe so many zombie flicks over the years, but nothing else will be able to top this masterpiece.
  7. Dracula (1931, original) – There’s been way too many remakes of “Dracula” over the years, but nothing will top the Bela Lugosi classic. While Francis Ford Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is a wonderful film, the original will always be better.
  8. A Nightmare on Elm St. (both, original & remake, two way tie) – I loved both the original Wes Craven film and the remake just the same. I loved Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy.
  9. Nosferatu (original, 1932, silent film) – Forget “Twilight” and forget all the nonsense Anne Rice Lestat books. Nosferatu is probably the best vampire of them all.
  10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) – I’m probably gonna get slammed for this, but I loved the remake more than the original Tobe Hooper version. I thought the remake did the Leatherface character just right. Plus, Marcus Nispel’s vision of horror films is just fascinating.
  11. The Ring (remake) – The 2002 film starring Naomi Watts, this film is actually pretty scary as hell. While I did love this movie, I didn’t care for the sequel too much though.
  12. Frailty – A film about two young kids living with their Dad who is a serial killer, in which he saw people as demons. It’s a really good film.
  13. Wolf Creek – It’s another serial killer film, one of the better new horror films. About young backpackers getting kidnapped by a psycho madman. Check it out.
  14. Hellraiser I and II – Most of the Hellraiser movies were pretty bad, but I think the first two Hellbound films were the best. It is sad the Horror film industry ruined such a great character. I hope Hellraiser gets a re-boot someday.
  15. Twilight Zone: The Movie – Do you want to see something, really scary? Enough said!
  16. I Spit On Your Grave (Remake) – A film about a young girl who has been gang raped by a bunch of men, and she kills her attackers for revenge. This film will be a gross out, but it’s a really good revenge story. I love this film.
  17. An American Werewolf In London – Time to throw another classic in here. I think this is the best werewolf movie.
  18. Paranormal Activity series – A lot of people are giving the P.A. movies bad reviews, but I honestly love them so far. I love the story of Katie Featherston. I’m looking forward to the 3rd movie. The third “P.A.” movie is actually a prequel of the first movie.
  19. The Others – This is an excellent ghost story, starring Nicole Kidman. The pacing maybe slow and you may not be into it at first, but it’ll grow on you.
  20. Buried – It’s not really a horror film but scary enough to watch it on Halloween. It stars Ryan Reynolds, about a US truck driver based in Iraq, finds himself buried alive in a coffin underground. This movie is actually pretty scary. Why? Because it’s realistic. I watched this movie on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it.
That’s it. There are too many horror films that I like but those above are my favorite.