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“You Know You’re From (Your Hometown Here) when…” topic has taken over facebook…

I usually hate trending topics in facebook, but finally here’s one that everyone is doing that I actually like. People are doing this, “You Know You’re From (Your Home Town Here) when” in facebook groups. I like it because it’s a way for everyone in your hometown to get together to talk about the past or whatever. It helps brings your old classmates, old friends and people you know you haven’t seen in a while back together. Plus, it helps brings a lot of memories about your past in your hometown.

In the Greenwich group, it certainly is helping me remember my past in Greenwich. It’s helping me remembering my childhood a lot more. These “hometown” groups and discussions has quickly became so addicting. I can’t stay out of them.

Who ever the one who came up with this idea in facebook deserves some kudos. Finally a good topic where everyone can appreciate and get into. Something serious for once.

This is very cool!