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Report: Jett Travolta to be buried in Ocala, Florida…

Jett Travolta’s body will be flown to Ocala, Florida where he will be buried. It is said Ocala is where the Travolta family currently lives. The home in Ocala where Travolta lives is the one where it has it’s own airport and an actual runway. Everyone knows that John loves flying planes and that’s what he does for a passion other than acting in film. It is also said that John and Kelly are both nightowls, the type of people who enjoy staying awake all night and sleep during the day.

TMZ says it was John Travolta himself who tried to save Jett’s life and revive him, but there was nothing anybody could do.

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Yep, John is heartbroken and forever will be. I hope this won’t affect John’s movie career by quitting acting ’cause of his son’s death. If he does decide to quit acting because of his son, that’s understandable because family comes first before work. I don’t think John will quit but he will take a long break from filmĀ for sure. God bless, John and Kelly. John Travolta is a good man with heart who don’t deserve this.


BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta’s son, Jett, is dead…

Jett Travolta, who is the son of legendary actor, John Travolta has died. Jett died while vacationing with the Travolta family on Grand Bahama Island. Jett suffered a seizure at the family vacation home on the island, he was unresponsive and died. Jett Travolta was only 16, he is the oldest kid in the family.

TMZ reports:


My condolences goes out to John and the rest of his family. This is so sad. John will be heartbroken for the rest of his life now. I don’t expect John to go back to work on movies for a pretty long while. Hope he stays strong and wishes him well. RIP Jett.