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Korn’s new album “Requiem” fails to hit the top 10 in the Billboard 200… not their fault, though….

Over the years, Korn’s been making albums that would go way high up in the Billboard charts. Korn’s got a couple of No. 1 albums which were “Follow the Leader” and “Issues” which are both great records. Korn’s also got other albums that hit the top 5.

Their debut record which was a flop hit 72 and that’s the album that has that hit song “Shoots and Ladders”. Their first album didn’t become a huge hit ’til years later, though. Remember, they were controversial at first when they were first coming out.

Korn’s newest album “Requiem” fails to hit the top 10 this time around in the Billboard 200 but still no. 14 is decent.


I wouldn’t blame the band that they didn’t make it high in the charts this time. It’s still a great album and the best in the band’s career, in my opinion. You can blame the “anti-rock” music industry. Music industry is still dominated by pop, rap and country.

I take a look at the Billboard Charts lately and I haven’t heard most of the artists on it like WTF?

The new Korn is still pretty great though. It’s really too bad they couldn’t make it high on the Billboard this time. These days it’s tough for any rock and metal band to make it to the top 10 in the Billboard 200 when we have an “anti-rock” industry!


Korn is like the greatest heavy band going today, their new album “Requiem” is the best they’ve ever done!

I remember when Korn first started coming out in the mid 90’s, they were like the most controversial band at first. They were the most talked about band in the mid 90’s, I’ll never forget it. The band had good things and bad things said about them. Why were they controversial back in the day? Well, probably because of their down-tuned 7 string guitars and their look… the long braided hair, tattoos, pierces, eye-liner and all that stuff. People never saw or heard anything like them. They are still a bit controversial even today but it took a while for people to be able to accept them.

Love Korn or hate them all you want to, they are hit makers. They have plenty of songs that are considered mainstream hits. Obviously, they are still active as a band. They’ve had slight lineup changes ’cause I believe their guitar players Head and Munky been in and out of the band over the years, correct me if I’m wrong… but Head and Munky, they’ve been back in for a long while and they are still killer guitar players.

I think Korn’s past couple of albums have been really good shit but I think their newest album that they just put out “Requiem” is pretty slamming and it’s the best album in their career in my opinion. It’s a shorter album, it’s only about a half hour long but it still rocks. On “Requiem”, they still sound like Korn like they always do but it does sound slightly different than previous albums. They are maturing as songwriters for sure, I can tell. They get better every album.

I listened to their new album a couple of times and I’ve noticed that Jonathan Davis is really focused on his singing this time around. I am noticing lesser screaming and growling. There’s a lot more actual singing from Jonathan which he sounds amazing. There’s still a little screaming and growling on this record but not as much as their previous records… Jonathan doesn’t over do the growling this time. I guess Jonathan wants to prove that he can sing and not be just a growler which he did beautiful.

It’s also a tight as hell album, too. The guitar playing of Head and Munky, they still got the rhythm chops and they sound great. Brian “Head” Welch had always had my respect and he’s beginning to become one of my favorite metal guitarists.

I’d definitely recommend it for you metal fans. I love Korn, been listening to them ever since the 90’s. Have like 8 albums by them. Trying to get all their stuff too.