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Finished watching all of “Longmire” yesterday evening…

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I was meaning to post something about Thanksgiving but didn’t feel like posting on the blog much.

After my Thanksgiving meal, I decided to spend the whole Thanksgiving evening watching the rest of Longmire – The Final Season on Netflix last night.

This was such a good show. Most of Netflix’s original material when it comes to their TV shows and original movies are no good, but they actually have a few good things on Netflix TV. Longmire is one of their few good original TV shows. I’ve been watching Longmire since the beginning. This is one show that had everything: good acting, great writing and good filming. The show was filmed like a modern day Western. I look at it as part Western and part Mystery. It’s a mystery who-dun-it kind of show. The show can get unpredictable a lot ’cause you’ll never know who committed a lot of the crimes that were in the show. There will be some big shockers throughout the show too.

The acting by the cast was the best I’ve seen in a TV show in a long time. Everybody did good, but I was most impressed with Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips. Both of them stole the show and killed it. I think both of them deserve to win awards for this show. The characters and the stories are entertaining to watch, though.

Of course, the final season got a little more violent than the previous seasons… gotta save the best for the last.

Check out “Longmire” here:


I’m disappointed that Season 6 is the final season, but I don’t see this show ending for good ’cause the ending of the finale seemed like it just left open for more in the future. Does this mean that Longmire will have future reunion shows maybe? I think they will be back in the future like maybe for a TV movie or a limited run series kind of like what the X-Files did. Hopefully the show will be back for more.


Just started watching the show “Longmire” on Netflix finally, so far it’s really really good!

“Longmire” one of Netflix’s original shows, is one popular show on TV I never saw before until now. I’ve been hearing people saying good stuff about the show and it piqued my interest so I finally started checking it out myself. Just finished watching “Season 1” last night. So far, it’s an excellent show. Finally, a show with really good writing for a change.

This show are mystery stories and whodunit kind of stuff. The show is also filmed like a Western. They make the whodunit storylines pretty unpredictable really which is part of why I’m impressed with the show. Plus, the acting of the cast is really good. Robert Taylor who plays Walt Longmire is a really good actor. Lou Diamond Phillips who I’ve been a fan of for a long time is still killing it as well.

It’s a fun and exciting show. It’s definitely the best original show on Netflix for sure other than “House of Cards” and “Marco Polo”. Yeah, I’m real late getting into this show but I finally decided to get into it since I’m not watching any other TV shows at this time. “Longmire” is great and I think I’m definitely gonna catch up before the new Season 5 gets here which just got greenlighted.

Will I check out some of the other original Netflix shows??? I’m staying away from “Orange Is the New Black” and I think I’m gonna stay away from “Daredevil”. I’m thinking about checking out “Narcos” ’cause that one looks interesting to me. I’ll check out that one when I finish “Longmire”.