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Morrissey reveals he’s been getting treatment for cancer…

I never bought albums from the Smiths or Morrissey’s solo career but I have heard a lot of songs from both over the years. I was meaning to start getting into music by the Smiths and Morrissey’s solo pretty soon. I’ve always respected Morrissey. He’s a talented guy and I respect him for his brutal honesty.

Morrissey reveals here that he’s been getting treatment for cancer. I support cancer victims ’cause I’ve had important people in my life who have died from it. Cancer sucks.

After reading Morrissey’s “If I Die, I Die” comments, it sounds like he isn’t afraid of death at all! I am praying for this guy and hope he fights the cancer successfully. Hope he gets well.



Get well soon, Lil Wayne? *sigh* but what about Morrisey???

I said the same thing in facebook, and will say the same thing here. I think it’s ridiculous how everyone wants to give their prayers and well wishes to Lil Wayne, yet, Morrisey gets ignored. That’s how today’s industry works. It’s more about “celebrity”, and the pop star status, these days. As some of you should know, rock singer, Morrisey, just canceled the rest of his North American tour ’cause of health problems. Morrisey has done this several times before, and it’s look pretty serious for him. I’m more worried about losing Morrisey, than Lil Wayne. I was a fan of The Smiths, and Morrisey’s solo material as well. The guy is a rock genius. Always underrated and overlooked.To hell with Lil Wayne. I can’t stand rap music.


Cool Video: Morrisey kicks fan out of concert…

Don’t mess with Morrisey or he’ll throw your ass out! After a fan telling the rocker, “fuck you”, Morrisey yells back, “Go, we don’t need you. We don’t need you. And then you can go fuck yourself.”

This was after Morrisey made a joke about hamburgers.

Who’s the real douche here? Is it Morrisey or the fan?

Sorry, but I’m gonna say that Morrisey is the douche.  The fan didn’t really do anything wrong. I think the fan was saying, “Fuck you” as a joke too and Morrisey took it personally. Fans usually swear and cuss to the musicians on stage, all the time, but the musicians usually take it as a joke. Morrisey didn’t.

I just think Morrisey was too excited to be onstage, that he thinks he’s bigger and more important than the fans.