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Just admit it, people are obsessed with sex and nude celebrities!!!

It’s funny, ya know. Each time I bring up celebrity and nude photos on this site, the post would usually get up to over 700 views or more very quickly. Whenever I mention celebs like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence or Kim Kardashian and whenever that stuff happens to be about nude photos, the blog post get a lot of views. It happened with my Bettie Page post which is still getting a lot of views.

Ya know, don’t buy into it when people claim they feel sympathy for these celebrities for their privacy being invaded. Don’t buy into it when people claim they feel offended that people do these things. Don’t buy into it when people call men perverts for wanting to see celebs naked. These are people who probably saw their photos and enjoyed looking at them. They’re just good at hiding it and some people won’t admit that they enjoy looking at naked celebrities too.

Maybe I should turn my blog into a celebrity sex blog if I want to get my site out there! LOL! (kidding)

Another thing to point out, I would post pics of nude celebrities in a heart beat, believe me, I will if I could but wordpress doesn’t allow nudity or porn. Plus, I don’t want to get legal threats by the celebs attorneys; however, it’s not stopping me from talking about it.

I just find it amusing that each time I mention sex and celebrity in this blog, it gets a lot of attention than any other topic on this blog. I can post screen shots for proof if you want.

Nude celebrities getting leaked is becoming a trend lately. Why? Because this is what everyone wants to see. Just admit that you want to see what your favorite stars naked bodies look like. Each time a female celebrity gets their nude pics leaked, it becomes a trending topic on twitter and facebook. When I mention that stuff on my blog, it becomes a viral post.

Hackers leak this stuff to the internet ’cause they know that’s what men in America wants to see. Just admit it but of course, some never will. Again, some claim that these things shouldn’t happen but they will never admit that they saw the pics themselves and enjoyed seeing them.

I never got to see Kim Kardashian’s latest round of nude leak photos but I’m sure they were hot. Even though people are giving her all kinds of hate about it, I’m sure they liked what they saw. I did see Gabrielle Union’s pics on twitter, though

Nude celebrities is the next big thing. The bigger it gets, the more difficult it is gonna be for the FBI to fight back at it.


When women feel sorry for Jennifer Lawrence…

This nude photo debate has been all over social networking all day long and I have a feeling this debate will go on all week. I’ve been seeing topics of this in my facebook newsfeed and twitter is all over it too.

Have you noticed that most men on the internet are excited as all hell that they got to see Jennifer nude? I feel ’em ’cause I got excited too; however, when women get into this debate… I’m noticing that women are feeling sorry for her and a lot of women agrees that Jennifer was the “victim”.

Honestly, when women side with Jennifer and support her on this… I think they are speaking from their own experience. Have they taken nude pics of themselves before??? It really does seem like they’re speaking from experience, in my opinion. They took nude photos of themselves and they got ’em leaked on the web. This is why some of them are siding with her ’cause they feel her pain.

Some women claim they don’t have nude pics but don’t let ’em fool ya, guys. They’re just lying and they’re better at hiding their dirty and sexual side of them. You’d be surprised of how sexual women really are even though they don’t appear to be that way. Things aren’t always as they seem.

Just wait until male celebrities start getting their nude pics leaked. When male celebrities get their nude pics leaked, I’m sure women will go crazy over it and when that happens that will make the women look like hypocrites for criticizing men for going crazy over women celebrities.

No matter how hard the FBI tries to fight this, they won’t be able to do anything about it. This will become an even bigger problem. It’s just gonna keep happening to celebrities even more. That’s what happens when people become big and famous. It’s all about their fame. It depends on how big their celebrity status are. If a celebrity woman or man is huge and iconic, chances are, it’s gonna happen to them if they have nude photos.

The question is, why do hackers do it? Do they do it to hurt their reputation and intentionally embarrass them? In my opinion, no. I think these guys who leak the pics are just die-hard fans of that celeb, that’s all. They’re just fanatics. They leak the nude pics ’cause they know that’s what America wants to see. That’s just my observation on all of this.