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Top 15 Favorite Horror Films of all time…

It’s that time of year again. October is around the corner and Halloween is nearing us. This is the time where people would start watching horror films all month. I do this list every year, sometimes the list is the same but sometimes it can be a little different with the new horror films that come out. Here is my list of my top 15 favorite horror films that I would recommend you to watch in Oct.

Here is my list, enjoy:

  1. Halloween II (Rob Zombie version): The film has been hated by critics and fans, but in my opinion, I didn’t find anything wrong with the movie at all. In fact, I thought it was the best Halloween movie ever made and it’s how the Halloween series should have been. I thought the film was well written and directed, it was actually kind of creepy as well. I always think that those who don’t like this movie, don’t understand the horror genre at all. It’s not only the best Halloween movie ever made, it’s one of my favorite horror films I’ve seen in a long time. This film is that brilliant, LOVE IT!
  2. Halloween (Carpenter version): This is a classic, had to put this one in there. It’s one of those movies you can watch so many times and never get tired of it. You learn something new every time you watch this film.
  3. Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn: This has always been my favorite Evil Dead film of them all.
  4. The Exorcist: A film I watch on every Halloween pretty much. This film is a masterpiece. Love the story of Regan and the epic performance of Max Von Sydow.
  5. Friday the 13th (remake): This may shock some people, but I thought the Friday remake was very impressive. I actually thought it was better than the originals, and the Jason Voorhees character in this film was more human and realistic. That’s pretty much why I liked it so much.
  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake): The original Tobe Hooper version was ok, but that movie was kind of annoying hearing that girl scream throughout the entire film. This version didn’t have that. The remake was actually much scarier than the original too.
  7. The Omen (original): To throw another classic in there, I would have to list “The Omen” with Gregory Peck. It’s been one of my most watchable movies on Halloween night for a long time.
  8. Frailty: A film written and directed by Bill Paxton who also stars the leading role in. He plays a father who turns out to be a vicious serial killer. An excellent movie all around. Scary too.
  9. Wolf Creek: A film about a bunch of young travelers who go hiking in the Australian Outback, they run into a guy who pretends to help those kids, but guess what folks? He’s a serial killer! Go figure!
  10. The Strangers: A film that stars Liv Tyler, a young couple who’s on vacation. Her longtime boyfriend proposes to her but she said no. The couple gets strange visitors by three masked people. This film is scary and creepy as hell. I would recommend it.
  11. Quarantine: This film tells a story about a TV news reporter who films a documentary about firemen. The firemen and the TV reporter go investigate this building which they get trapped in, but they get strange visitors too, it’s a zombie film. This film got mixed opinions by viewers but I absolutely loved it!
  12. Paranormal Activity: A lot of people hated this film, but I liked it. I look forward to the sequel as well.
  13. The Ring (remake): Only the first one with Naomi Watts was a real good movie, didn’t care for the second one.
  14. Stephen King’s “The Mist”: To throw a Stephen King movie in there, I would have to throw in “The Mist”. Why “The Mist”? It was a creative story, it was an edge of your seat kind of movie and Thomas Jane pulled off a great performance in this film. I thought it was a great flick.
  15. The Others: A nice ghost story that has a big twist at the end. A great film that stars Nicole Kidman.

Don’t get mad if I don’t list any of the important classics, so many great horror films out there. I just listed the ones that were my favorites. Enjoy!


Brock’s Top 15 horror films of all time…

Well October is here and Halloween is just around the corner. My favorite thing to do when celebrating Halloween is sitting around the house, watching horror films. As some of you may know, horror is my favorite genre. I do these lists every year on Halloween and sometimes these lists changes. The list for this year will be quite different ’cause I’ve seen plenty of great horror films that really impressed me the last several years.

Here is the list, I’ll go backwards with the no. 1 being the best I’ve ever seen in a long time. Enjoy as this list may be quite a shocker to you as well….


15. Wolf Creek

(this film was released in 2005, an Australian horror film about a group of teenage backpackers out on a hike, then they find themselves held captive by a vicious serial killer. I’ve seen many teen slashers, and I think “Wolf Creek” is the best teen slasher I’ve ever seen. If you want to see a teen slasher flick that is actually scary as hell, see this one. This one will send shivers down your spine, trust me. There are some scary scenes in this flick and some of the most brutal murders in a film ever. The killer whose name is Mick Taylor is one scary dude)

14. Frailty

(This is a horror film that stars Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey, the film was also directed by Bill Paxton himself. The story tells a group of young children who are brothers, they live with their single dad when they don’t know about his evil past of being a demonic serial killer. The father claims he kills people because he sees them as demons. A creepy film that is perfect for watching with all the lights off)

13. Quarantine

(A young female news reporter does a report on firemen. Firemen go to this apartment building to rescue people from these evil beings, wouldn’t really call them zombies, but they are people that were infected by a mutant virus. One of the scariest new horror films I’ve seen in a long time, so this definitely makes the list. Might start off kind of boring and slow, but toward the end, the film will take you at the edge of your seat…)

12. Night of the Living Dead (Romero version)

(This is such a perfect film to watch on Halloween night every year, classic film and amazing, although Romero is still doing Zombie movies today, the rest of his work won’t top this one)

11. Nosferatu

(My favorite vampire movie over Dracula, the silent film version is so scary…you may not like silent films but they can be great when you get into it. Silent films was the start of Hollywood films, keep in mind…)

10. Hellraiser

(The first Hellraiser movie was amazing. Told a good story, and powerful writing. This has always been one of my favorite horror films of all times)

9. Friday the 13th (remake, directed by Marcus Nispel)

(This is actually an impressive remake. I liked the new Jason Voorhees, much improvement. It told a good story too, I thought this film was great and better than the original series, honestly)

8. The Omen

(To throw in another classic here, “The Omen” has always been an incredible film and a film I would never get tired of watching. I think it’s Gregory Peck’s best film)

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake, Marcus Nispel)

(Believe it or not, I think the Marcus Nispel remake of Texas Chainsaw is much better than the Tobe Hooper original. I think the remake was what the original should have been. I think Marcus is a fine film maker in the horror genre and he certainly knows how to make a remake better than the original)

6. The Ring

(Starring Naomi Watts, and directed by Gore Verbinski, a very creepy film, in my opinion. This is creative storytelling. There’s no gore, no murder, just a scary film. I love it)

5. The Strangers

(This film “The Strangers” with Liv Tyler, makes high on the list. I was completely blown away by the film. Definitely scary and horrifying. You’ll know when you see it, this is a perfect Halloween film)

4. Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

(My favorite of the Evil Dead series. Groovy)

3. The Exorcist

(Another classic I had to throw in here. I loved this flick ever since I was a child)

2. Halloween (John Carpenter)

(This always made no. 1 every year on my list. Why is it no. 2 now? Carpenter’s a classic, a film that I love, but there’s something else I’ve seen that I liked even more)


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1. Halloween II (remake, Rob Zombie)

(This may come to quite a shock to you, and may create some controversy, but that’s okay. I find Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” to be quite a masterpiece. No lie. It didn’t get the best reviews, but I learned that the movies getting negative reviews is what makes them really good. You’ve read my review of this in the past when it first came out and I was in awe. Rob Zombie’s a gifted film maker. I just love his vision on how Rob concentrates on the villain’s point of view more than it’s leading star. In Rob’s movies, the villain’s the leading star, not Laurie Strode. This really was a fantastic movie, I loved it. The critics and movie fans that trashed this film, just don’t understand Rob Zombie’s film making style. I do. This is one of the best horror flicks I’ve seen in the last decade)