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Report: NBC kills the daytime soap opera “Passions” for good…

Since NBC cancelled the short lived daytime soap opera “Passions” last year, NBC tried to bring it back to life to bring it back to the tube. Universal Media Studios tried to help the soap find a home. The “Passions” cast and crew were once told to keep the show alive on the internet only but failed at that too. NBC killed the show because simply, no one wants it.

“Passions” is a day time soap opera created by writer James E. Reilly, the series debuted in 1999.

Variety reports:


Well, I wonder why no one wants the show. It’s because the show is simply horrible.

Nobody cares for daytime soap operas anymore because all the ratings are so low on them. Rumours are circulating all over the internet that NBC could axe “Days of Our Lives” next year in 2009. The soaps are pretty much the lowest ratings on TV right now.

Honestly though, I don’t blame the low ratings on the bad writing and acting ’cause some of them can actually be real good. I blame the low ratings on these shows because they are shown during the day where people are at “work” or people who don’t work just do things during the day and not stay home watching TV.

If some of these shows were moved to Prime Time TV, I assure you the ratings would go up then.