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Hugh Hefner is putting up the Playboy Mansion for sale…

Whether you love the Playboy Mansion or not, that place has a lot of important history so it’s quite a surprise that Hugh Hefner has finally decided to give it up. Why? Is it because he’s getting tired of the place? Does him and his wife Crystal wanna move into someplace smaller and more normal? Those could be the reasons. Even if someone buys it for $200 million or over that still doesn’t mean he’s leaving ’cause whoever buys it must give Hefner a real estate so that means he can still live in it if he wants to.

People would accuse Hefner that he’s desperate for more cash but not really. He’s already hella rich to begin with so he doesn’t need more money. I think he just wants to live a normal life is what it is. He’s probably tired of the place.

I think there’s a pretty good chance that someone will buy it ’cause there are probably a lot of rich Playboy fans out there.