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RIP: Maryanne Joan Elliot-Said aka Poly Styrene 1957 – 2011

Another music legend is gone. Some may not know who this woman is, but for you die hard punk rock fans would know who she is. She is the front woman for the pioneering punk rock band, X-Ray Spex. At age 15, she ran away from home and became a barefoot hippie. She lived the hippie lifestyle for most of her life. After seeing the Sex Pistols for her birthday in 1975, she formed a punk rock band of her own named, X-Ray Spex.

The band X-Ray Spex didn’t last very long as they only did two studio albums and a couple of live albums. After the band broke up, she recorded her own solo album, “Translucence” in 1980. She just recently released a new solo album this year titled, “Generation Indigo”. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away. She was 53 years old.