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“Snow White and the Huntsman”… brief thoughts…

Last night, I finally got around to watching, “Snow White & The Huntsman”. It wasn’t as bad people made it out to be. The film did a pretty good job following the Snow White fairy tale. The visuals and cinematography were pretty impressive. I thought the action scenes were fun. Charlize Theron, made a pretty good Evil Queen, I thought she was menacing enough. Pretty much the only thing I don’t like about it, is the casting of Kristen Stewart. If they replaced her with a better actress and someone who is better to look at, the movie would have been perfectly fine.

Other than that, the movie was actually pretty good. Nothing I’ll watch over and over again, though. So I won’t bother buying the Blu-Ray. It is worth watching, the first time, though. Glad I never saw it in theater. This was a Netflix DVD rental, by the way.

Thought: What’s going to happen with the “Snow White and the Huntsmen” sequel? Is there even going to be one???

With this stupid love triangle and drama going on between Kristen, Robert, and Rupert, this could affect the sequel for, “Snow White and the Huntsmen”. I haven’t seen the film, wasn’t interested so I’ll wait for DVD Netflix rental. The rumor is that Kristen has been dropped from the sequel and AICN claims, she hasn’t yet.

Read more on the story, here.

As I said before, while Kristen is evil for what she did, she’s not the only one to take the blame for this. Robert and Rupert are guilty as well. All three were unprofessional about this ’cause they should have known that this would affect the movie business and it has been. Hollywood films should be about entertaining people, yet we got into this drama, all of a sudden.

This is not the first time that Hollywood suffered love triangles in the movie business.

I remember Elizabeth Taylor had an affair with Richard Burton while being married to Eddie Fisher, during the making of “Cleopatra”. As soon as the affair was made public, sure enough, the media was all over it for days. Elizabeth Taylor was looked at as a trainwreck at the time and people hated her for it back then. Of course, the affair affected the film. She didn’t attend the film’s premiere because of the public backlash she got. Read the article about it, here.

Love triangles is nothing new in Hollywood. Happens all the time.