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Celebrity baby news is becoming huge and to be honest, it’s pissing me off…

Have you noticed that each time a female celebrity gives birth to a new baby it’s huge news all of a sudden? Celebrities like Kim K., Savannah Guthrie, Chelsea Clinton, Snooki, etc. Once these female celebrities get a new baby, it’s everywhere you look. You see it on TV. You see it all over social networking (believe me, this stuff is all over my newsfeed in facebook constantly) and the internet. Blah blah blah, you get the deal. I’m getting tired of seeing celebrity baby news all over the internet.

Don’t get me wrong. I like it when women and couples get children… i’ts a blessing thing for sure but why should we care if big stars get children? Why does the media have to be all over this stuff?

I can tell you exactly why the media is obsessed with celebrity babies.

It’s because that women in America in this day and age are obsessed with babies. Facebook/twitter is proof of that. The media knows this. Women in social networking posting personal photos of their babies when that stuff is usually meant to be for a private family matter for them to enjoy but social networking we have to get forced to watch families in the US live their lives and grow ’cause these people post everything they do.

The media posts celebrity baby reports ’cause they know that women will be all over that stuff… you know how women are like, “Aaaaawwww, how cute.” blah blah blah, you get the deal. The media reports this stuff ’cause they know it helps their business. Helps them get more website views, more paid subscriptions, TV ratings, etc. That’s why the media keeps shoving celebrity babies in our faces.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing women and babies… I’m only bashing the media.

Why should America care about celebrity babies when we should be caring for our own families and children??? We don’t know these celebrities. Why are we celebrating their births when we don’t even know these people???

It’s insane how Chelsea Clinton’s baby is all over the place when she’s not even famous for anything. She’s only famous ’cause she’s Hillary’s daughter. I feel kind of bad for Chelsea getting her newborn child ’cause when Charlotte grows up, her grandmother is gonna end up in prison whenever she’s found guilty for not providing security for Benghazi. Just one thing to keep in mind, Clinton lovers!!!

Who cares about the freakin’ Clintons. When will people wake up that Bill and Hillary aren’t sweethearts???