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Report: Biggest Loser star, Shannon Thomas, arrested for throwing a bag of flour at a man’s face, LOL!!!!

See? Even the men can be victims of domestic violence too!!!! “Biggest Loser” star, Shannon Thomas, 30 years old, was arrested for kicking open a door of a man’s apartment and throwing a bag of flour at his face. All for just him watching TV with the volume too high!!! Talk about a temper tantrum! Shannon was arrested and could face up to three months in jail if convicted. The man who lived in the apartment moved out immediately since the incident, good for him.

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If I had a fat bitch coming at me to beat me up, I would have done something for self defense. You think this guy would too?  I don’t hit women and never would but if they got violent for no reason, I would have done something in return to save myself from being put in the hospital. Don’t worry, she won’t get fired from the show, they’ll keep her on, to bring in this story into the show for ratings. *sigh*