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Confirmed: The 43 year running soap “Days of Our Lives” will be on air for another 18 months!!!

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives. It’s official!!!! NBC has inked a deal with Sony Pictures TV so “Days of Our Lives”, the longest running soap opera in TV history to stay on the air for 18 more months. Before then, the show had trouble staying on the air, as the show came this close to getting cancelled for good due to low ratings and the economics fo daytime TV.

While there are other soaps on TV such as “Young and the Restless”, “As the World Turns”, “One Life To Live”, “General Hospital”, etc. “Days of Our Lives” was the first soap opera to stay on TV for this long. “Dool” has been on the air for 43 years and they are celebrating their 43rd Anniversary.

The show currently stars: Allison Sweeney, James Scott, Peter Reckell. Joseph Mascolo, Kristian Alfonso, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Bryan Dattilo, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall, and more.

Variety Reports:


As an avid fan of the show, I’ve been watching for a long time…I can see why the show has almost gotten cancelled a few times. Simply because the storylines and the writing of the show is getting so bad.

Last year, the show was really great. Last year had the huge vendetta storyline with the Dimeras vs. The Bradys. That’s when Stefano Dimera was in a murderous and kidnapping rage. Last year Stefano kidnapped Steve “Patch” Johnson (the guy with the eye patch on his head) and Stefano kidnapped John Black as well and took away his memory to make him a different person. Last year we had the controversial John Black death storyline and now the writers brought the character back due to many fanbase complaints. The character of EJ Wells was an evil guy before, but now they turned him to a good guy which is boring. Last year the show was really interesting and good but this year, I’m thinking to stop watching the show for a while.

Too many stupid pregnancy storylines and too many who fathered this baby shit, two many love triangle fueds, etc. There is just nothing interesting going on. Currently there are two murder “who done it storylines” and they aren’t even catching my attention. One murder storyline is that Salem is trying to find out who killed a character named Trent Robbins and who killed the Mayor of Salem. The writing is really bad. Dena Higley is the current writer now.

I feel they are ruining their 43 year Anniversary ’cause they are writing all this crap. It looks like they are turning Stefano into a good guy too and I don’t want that. The Stefano Dimera return got interesting for a little bit but it got bad fast.

Come on writers, shape up to make your 43 Year Anniversary worth while. Bring back the actors who were vets and stop giving all these kids so much screen time.