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Thought: On the IOC dropping wrestling from the Summer Olympic games permamently…

It doesn’t matter how low the ratings get for TV when wrestling is on during the Summer Olympics. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the sport or if you find it boring as hell. You can’t get rid of an important sport in the Olympics that had so much history. The sport of Olympic wrestling goes way back. It was first introduced in 708 B.C. If you get rid of wrestling or any historic sport, it isn’t the Olympics.

The IOC has destroyed the dreams of many athletes. Athletes that compete currently, all the veterans who competed in the past, and future hopefuls who hope to make the Olympics are now gone. Fans who still find the sport enjoyable will no longer be able to watch it.

I’ll have to agree with everyone that this was a bad move. This is real professional wrestling. Not that fake and scripted bullshit you see in cable TV. This kind of wrestling is what it’s all about and quite honestly, when the Summer Olympics come around, wrestling are one of the sports I look forward to the most. I hope somebody will save this sport. It doesn’t deserve to go.

Why get rid of wrestling when there are too many sports in the Olympics that shouldn’t even be a sport? There are plenty of games in the Olympics that shouldn’t even be around. Just don’t get rid of wrestling.