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Film Of The Day: The Boondock Saints

Happy St. Patty’s. I thought today would be a great day to do an Irish film. The first “Boondock Saints” was really good. The sequel was okay, but the first one was very well made. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery, and Norman Reedus (Daryl in, “The Walking Dead”). It also stars Willem Dafoe.

The film tells the story about twin Irish brothers, who accidentally kills a bunch of thugs. Later, they see it as a calling from God, so they end up killing even more thugs. Willem Dafoe’s character, Det. Paul Smecker, starts to investigate the crimes, but the closer he is to catch the Irish brothers, the more he thinks they just did the right thing.

I first saw this movie on Netflix. I believe it was one of the first movies I watched on Netflix when I first got my account. The writing was really good, and it was a very entertaining, and funny film. True Irish film, indeed. When you watch a film like this, you can tell it was done Irish style. It’s also a great action movie. No car chases. No explosions. You will see a movie full of gun shooting, all the way through. It can get violent. Gory. Plus, Willem Dafoe definitely steals the show. This was one of his best roles in his career.

I’m actually thinking about re-watching this film on Netflix today. It’s still streamable I believe.


Netflix Pick (PS3): The Boondock Saints

“The Boondock Saints” movies are the most talked about movies on the internet. I’ve never even seen them before. So since, “The Boondock Saints”, the first one was viewable on Netflix for the PS3, I decided to check it out over the weekend.

It tells the story of twin Irish brothers, named Connor and Murphy MacManus. In the beginning of the film, they kill mafia thugs by accident. They turned themselves in and they were considered heroes by the public for what they did, so the twins were released from jail. After this, they continue to kill mafia gang members while Willem Dafoe’s character who plays Det. Paul Smecker, who is a crazy and weird guy, investigates the killings. As Det. Smecker investigates the crimes, he began to see that the MacManus twins were heroes too.

I can see why this movie is very popular online. I thought it was one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a long time. It was very entertaining all the way through. I was never bored. It’s an action comedy. There’s humor throughout the film as well. I thought the action scenes were fun. I had no problems with this movie at all. Just a perfect action movie and it ended up being one of my top 10 favorite action flicks. Makes me want to see the second one soon, I’ll rent the second one from Netflix on DVD. I don’t have much to say about this movie ’cause when you love a film so much, that’s all you need to say about it.