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I’m totally siding with the Washington Armory suing the Migos rap group over the 2015 riot in Albany…

I’m totally siding with the Washington Armory venue in Albany on this ’cause why? Simply because everything they’re saying about the Migos rap group is true. The Migos are no stranger to starting fights with people if you look them up in youtube. The Migos think they’re tough guys for sure but what do you expect from rappers?

This story is big in the local news and it even attracted some attention in the national news too. There is lots of video of the Washington Armory riot that took place back in 2015 and I posted a few videos of the riot. Check ’em out, it’s pretty crazy.


Of course as soon as this story hit the news, it’s no surprise to find local media outlets and some national media, sucking up to the Migos instead of siding with the Armory. You know how the media are very protective of the black community.

The Armory accuses the Migos of being really late for the concert and refusing to do meet and greets. Well, this wasn’t the first time the group did stuff like this ’cause they did the same thing at the 2015 George University concert. At the Georgia University show they were arrested for possession of marijuana and firearm possession as well. Look it up.

Funny, I’ve never heard of the Migos before until this story broke out. I listened to them in youtube a little bit and they’re absolutely horrible.

One thing I’m noticing in the Albany local music scene is that this scene have been booking rap artists to venues around this area a lot lately. Rap music is getting bigger locally. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against all rap music — I actually like some of it. It’s just that you got to realize that not all rappers are good people. Many are trouble makers ’cause they think they’re “gangster” or something. I’ve been to some rap concerts in the past myself.

I wish the Armory good luck on this as they have every right to defend themselves.

Sounds like the Migos are unprofessional jackasses.