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Thought: Tinted Windows is one of the best new rock bands out today…

As I said, I bought the new “Tinted Windows” album today, the new supergroup that everyone is talking about being strange and weird. I agree, it’s a weird lineup. That’s the reason it made me pick up the CD ’cause I was curious to hear it myself.

When I put the album in my CD player and listened to it, I was like,”Wow, this is great rock n’ roll”. I’m sure the metal heads, the jam band fans and pop music fans will be laughing at Tinted Windows. I’m sure they’ll call them an emo band with a Hanson singer, but Tinted Windows is “real” rock n’ roll with a true sound. They are pretty tight and fun to listen to. Taylor Hanson is a good rock n’ roll singer.

The kiddie band, Hanson, maybe mainstream and too pop for your tastes, but hey, they were little kids back then, of course, they were going to sound like that. The Hanson brothers are getting older and exploring new projects.

I listened to the “Tinted Windows” debut album like 2 or 3 times in a row, really good stuff. I enjoyed it. If you like old school Talking Heads and Elvis Costello, you would like these guys. That’s what they sound like old school 80’s rock. James Iha’s guitar playing is really good on this album. That’s what I’m most impressed about. If they come around here for their tour, count me there. This is good stuff, pick up the “Tinted Windows” album yourself, and you would realize that I’m right that these guys are really good even though they have a Hanson brother in it. Just because they have a Hanson brother fronting the band, doesn’t mean it’s going suck.


The Listening Room: I am really digging the new Tinted Windows song, “Kind of a Girl”…

So the new supergroup, Tinted Windows, that features musicians: James Iha, Taylor Hanson, Bun E. Carlos, and Adam Schlesinger put out a new song called, “Kind of a Girl”. I am really digging it a lot. I was a little worried by this new band, ’cause of Taylor Hanson, but this is actually a really really good song. Not bad at all. The song sounds like old school rock n’ roll with the likes of Cheap Trick, Talking Heads, and the Knack.

I’m looking forward to buying their album when it comes out. Count me in as a fan!