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Just seen Spielberg’s version of “West Side Story” yesterday afternoon… really good! Liked it a lot!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the movie theaters to check out Spielberg’s version of “West Side Story”. I’ve been interested in it ever since it was announced and since it was being talked about. I had faith in Spielberg that he would make a great “West Side Story” movie and he did. I thought it was really good and knocked it out of the park.

Was this movie very faithful to the Broadway musical in 1957 and the 1961 film? Yes. Although this movie was more closer to the original 1957 play than anything, though. This movie didn’t do very well in box office opening weekend and reviews are mixed. Some complained that there are “woke” racial politics in this film which is true but that’s how it was in the 60’s though and Spielberg wanted to make this film as a way to show how divided it is in today’s America.

I don’t really care about that, though, Steve did a great job doing his first musical. It was well acted by the entire cast. You know how in Spielberg films he always has big name stars as the lead? Well in this film, most of the cast are “unknown” actors except the only well-known star in this film is Corey Stoll who plays Lt. Shrank. Well, one thing that impressed me the most about this cast was that this movie had an original star from the 1961 film by Robert Wise. Rena Moreno played Anita in the 1961 original and this same woman is in the 2021 version but plays a different character.

In Spielberg’s version, the songs are the same except there were like a few I didn’t hear before? Were they brand new written for the film exclusively or were they songs taken from the 1957 play and not heard in the 1961 film?

Anyway, while Spielberg’s version had lots of similarities of the 1961 movie, there will be a lot of differences too ’cause this is just Steve’s vision. This was how Steve saw it in his head. Same story but there were plenty of things added to explain things better and make things a little more realistic.

I thought Steve’s take on “West Side Story” was very well done but it still don’t top the 1961 original by Robert Wise ’cause I’ll always love the original. I’ll give Spielberg “West Side Story” a score of 8/10. Definitely worth watching if you’re fan.


Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” trailer finally drops today and looks amazing! I’m impressed!

I’ve actually been looking forward to Spielberg’s remake of “The West Side Story” ever since it was announced. I’m a huge fan of the 1961 original by Robert Wise and of course, the play will always be great too.

I’m sure that ever since this was announced there was all kinds of skepticism of Spielberg taking on the remake of “West Side Story”. People are upset that it’s being remade and it should be left alone, blah blah blah… saying stuff that Spielberg is gonna ruin it and won’t top the original. Ya, you get the deal.

Well the trailer for Spielberg’s take on it is here and I’m impressed with it as I got goosebumps watching it. Looks like Steve wants to stay very faithful to the original and the play. He wants it done right. The Spielberg version is still taking place in the 1950’s and the look and the feel of his version is kind of similar to Robert Wise’s version.

Spielberg’s version is still gonna be a song and dance kind of movie and I’m sure it will have all the same songs from the original movie and theatre play… songs like “Tonight”, “Maria”, “America”, “The Rumble”, “I Feel Pretty”…. it’s all gonna be in there.

Spielberg’s a genius, I think he wont’ disappoint the “West Side Story” lovers with this one at all. I’m definitely looking forward to it and I’m gonna be there in the theater for this one for sure. Can’t wait!


Film Of The Day: West Side Story

I’m not into musical movies that much, but you can’t go wrong with the “West Side Story”. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Love this movie too much. It’s about two New York City gangs who feud against each other, the Jets and the Sharks (led by Bernardo). Riff is the leader of the Jets, and his best friend/former Jets member, Tony, falls in love with Bernardo’s younger sister, Maria. Tony and Maria meet together secretly while the two gangs continue to feud.

The story is pretty intense, and it’s a pretty sad film, though. Most importantly, the songs in the film make the movie fun. I do have this movie on DVD, but thinking about replacing it with the BluRay sometime in the future. It is a classic and it’s an important film that everyone should have seen by now. I’m sure you may have seen it once during your school years for music class or whatever. That is how I was first introduced to the film, I think. I remember I kept borrowing the VHS from my teacher, when I was a kid, ’cause I loved it too much. STILL love the movie to this day. If you have never seen this yet, then you have no right to call yourself a lover of movies and Hollywood, I’m sorry, folks. It is also important that you should introduce this film to your kids ’cause it is part of an educational thing. They show this movie in schools for a reason.

RIP to Natalie Wood too.