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Report: WGA shoots down the Osbournes on not working with them for variety show…

The Writers Guild of America is refusing to write for the Osbourne family’s new upcoming variety show they got planned for FOX. The WGA officials sent a letter to all members of the WGA threatening it’s employees that if they agree to work with the Osbourne family anyways, they will be fined up to 100% compensation for their work and says it will be violating the working rule 8.

The reason the WGA is pissed off. The WGA tried to negotiate a contract with Fremantle Media but an exec said the talks of a contract was over, a company that is in charge of many popular TV shows such as “American Idol”. Fremantle then sent out a statement blaming the WGA that they broke off the talks.

Try not to be confused here readers, the WGA has nothing against the Osbourne family, they have no grudges against Ozzy and Sharon. They are pissed off at the Fremantle company. The WGA had a pure dislike at the Freemantle company since way back when they first started “American Idol”.

Variety Reports:


Ozzy should stay off of TV and focus on his music anyways. And Sharon is doing fine on “America’s Got Talent”.

So this Osbourne variety show is pointless. I think Ozzy and Sharon are just feeling bad that Kelly and Jack haven’t been on TV in a long time.