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Report: First “World War Z’s” set gets raided in Budapest, and now 16 zombie actors injured on set of “Resident Evil 5”, what’s going on here?

There’s a bit of controversy happening at two different zombie films being shot now. The first, Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” zombie film is being filmed in Budapest and their set was raided by the Hungarian Anti-Terrorist Squad, because they are being accused of transporting real guns into the country. The film makers thought the guns weren’t working, but the Anti-Terrorist Squad, discovered they were working. Read the full story, here.

The second, the fifth installment to the, “Resident Evil”, series is being shot in Toronto. At Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto, 16 actors dressed as zombies were walking across a wheeled platform and the platform collapsed. Leaving all actors injured. Read the full story, here.

This is pretty crazy! World War Z set raided, people injured on “Resident Evil” set, Dead Island video game came out earlier this month, and “Walking Dead – Season 2” premieres this Sunday night. The world is being taken over by zombies. Maybe there is a zombie apocalypse on the way. BrrAAaaiinnnsss…


Report: Quentin Tarantino wrote new zombie film, Eli Roth will direct it…

Quentin Tarantino exclusively revealed on his twitter page that he just wrote a zombie horror film titled, “The Night The Dead Walked”. He also announced that Eli Roth will direct the film. This is really Tarantino’s twitter page, ’cause only he can get out the script he just put out for the public. Go to his twitter and download the script, “The Night the Dead Walked”. The script is over 30 pages long, it’s only a preview, not the entire film. Give it a read, it’s pretty good.

Tarantino’s twitter page.

As you can see, he gave me a “retweet” after giving him feedback on his work. Tarantino is no stranger to writing scripts in the horror genre. “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn” anyone? He wrote and starred in “From Dusk to Dawn” along with George Clooney, Tarantino didn’t direct “Dawn” though, Robert Rodriguez did.

Looking forward to seeing, “The Night the Dead Walked”. I’m a big Tarantino fan, I follow everything he does.