BREAKING NEWS: Governor Eliot Spitzer resignation effective Monday…

After getting caught in a prostitution call girl scandal, Eliot Spitzer finally decided to resign. The governor came out with another apology, with a resignation announcement followed after, the resignation will be effective immediately this coming Monday. Lt. Governor David Peterson will take over.

More on it here:

Eliot Spitzer’s call girl was revealed as a young pop singer named Ashley Alexandra Dupre, her real first name is “Kristen”, it was her that Eliot Spitzer payed over $4,000 for sex with.

The Associated Press Reports:

Good riddance  that Governor Spitzer will be gone. His wife Silda should do what’s right, divorce his ass and leave him.

Why do politicians cheat on their wives? It’s because they can. Once they get elected at something, they have a huge ego, that they think they can get away with whatever they want.

Being a New Yorker, Eliot Spitzer was a crappy governor. I’m glad he’ll be gone.


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  1. How was he a crappy governor? Why I ask is because I’ve heard several people say this, and when I ask why they said that, they always just kind of mumble, grind their feet in the ground, and say “well, uh, ahem, er, uhh… you know I just never liked him” or some kind of vague response like that. Did he raise taxes? Cut valuable services? Make New York less attractive to new businesses? No one seems to have these answers. What say you?

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