Report: Scarlett Johannson fan hooks up a date with her for charity!


The busty naturally boobed beauty, Scarlett Johannson, put up a charity and auction where bidders get to bid on a “date” with Scarlett Johannson to meet her in person at the premiere of her next movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You”. The winner of the auction will be flown to New York or Los Angeles wherever the premiere is at to hang out all day with the iconic actress.

The auction happened in e-bay. A male fan from the UK payed over $40,000 and he won a date with Scarlett Johannson. Besides, hanging out with Scarlett at the premiere, the UK fan also won other prizes.

Awww man, if I was a wealthy person, I would have gotten into this auction myself. Hanging out with Scarlett would be cool. If this UK fan was allowed to give Scarlett a hug and a kiss, then he’s one lucky mofo.

Lets hope this thing turns out well and hopefully, this UK fan doesn’t turn out to be some obsessive psycho. These “bidding to date” a girl things may sound fun, but you gotta becareful with these things. I wish Scarlett luck on this.

And remember, Scarlett Johannson has her debut music album coming out this year which is a tribute album to the legendary Tom Waits titled “Anwhere I Lay My Head”, the album hit stores everywhere May 20th.


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