Thought: Weekend movie rentals…

Here is a brief review of each film I rented over the weekend with the rating along with it:

No Country For Old Men:

Again, this “No Country For Old Men” is an amazing film. Very good acting, very good writing, the movie is kind of long, but when you actually watch it, the film doesn’t really seem that long, the pacing of the film is kind of fast. It’s definitely the best Coen Bros. movie ever made. It is reccomended.

Rating: **** (4 stars as in “Excellent”)

Death Sentence

It’s a revenge movie about a father who lost his son that was murdered by a gang that was robbing a gas station. The son’s killer was arrested and put to trial, but Kevin Bacon’s character let the killer walk free, so Kevin Bacon’s character can seek revenge himself. I thought “Death Sentence” was a very good action film. It had some pretty intense action sequences. The movie was quite a ride, I think I’m buying my own copy of the DVD myself.

Rating = *** (as in good)

Michael Clayton

It’s a movie about lawyers starring George Clooney. It was a very interesting story about a troubled lawyer named “Michael Clayton” played by Clooney who is known as a fixer, Clayton is owed some money to pay his brother’s debts from gambling habits. Clayton gets runned into help some man with manic depression named Arthur (played by the great Tom Wilkinson), while Clayton is trying to fix things, he is now set to be killed over a multi million dollar lawsuit at a company called U/North.

An excellent and fantastic film. It’s Clooney’s best role. If Daniel Day-Lewis didn’t get Oscar nominated this year, then Clooney would have gotten Best Actor. Why? Because this is Clooney’s best acting in his entire career. The movie had a great story to tell!

Rating = **** (as in excellent)

We Own the Night

A film starring Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes. The story revolves around a New York City man who manages a nightclub played by the great Joaquin Phoenix. The nightclub manager named Bobby Green (Phoenix) is visited by his family who are police officers, Bobby is the only one in the family who is not a cop. Bobby’s father and brother tries to talk Bobby into helping them out track down some drug dealers. At first Bobby refuses and continues to move on with his life. His father and brother continues to warn Bobby that his club will be in danger if he doesn’t help them. The police raid his nightclub to arrest a Russian cocaine drug dealer. After that, all hell breaks loose, Bobby now realizes he is in danger. Then he helps the police to hunt down the Russian drug dealers.

Yet again, another excellent film. Mark Wahlberg’s acting is improving, I used to never care for Wahlberg, but now I am. Joaquin Phoenix is great as usual as he is one of my favorite actors. The film does have a surprise twist at the end and I liked the story a lot. This film will probably get added to my DVD collection too. Check it out!

Rating **** (excellent)

It was a pretty good weekend of movie rentals!


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