Report: Maxim magazine slams Sarah Jessica Parker…

“Sex in the City’s” Sarah Jessica Parker shoots back at Maxim magazine and their reader’s for voting her “The Unsexiest Woman Alive” in a poll last year.  Sarah says that she doesn’t have fake boobs, doesn’t use botox and big lips like most women have in Maxim magazine.

More on it here:

Maxim magazine continues to show how much worse they get. That “Unsexiest Woman” shouldn’t even be a category in the poll, it’s very insulting to all women out there.

Not all women in this world are perfect. And do you think those women who do pictorials in Maxim are really perfect looking like that? Hell NO!

I’m on Sarah’s side on this one.

First Maxim screws with the Black Crowes, and now Sarah Jessica Parker!

Please BOYCOTT Maxim magazine!


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