Film Review: Into the Wild…

Starring: Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Vince Vaughn

Written and directed by: Sean Penn

Last night I rented the movie “Into the Wild” from my local video store. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a long time and finally able to now that it’s out on DVD. The movie was adapted from the novel by author Jon Krakauer. This story is based on a “real” event, it really happened in “real” life.

The movie tells a story about a young college man named Christopher McCandless who just graduated from college at Emory University, he was a top student who was very intelligent and a talented sports athlete. After college, he then all of a sudden gave his $24,000 of savings to charity and started traveling across the United States to Alaska. He was a good looking kid that the girls would like and he had all kinds of opportunities after college.

Christopher dreamed of living in the wild to be away from society, to be away from his abusive parents, and to be away from how the world is running. Christopher didn’t want anything in his life. He didn’t want his family, he didn’t want a good career, he didn’t want money, etc. He threw everything away and left everything behind by disappearing. Christopher hated the world so much that he wanted to be alone, all he cared about was complete freedom.

So to get that freedom, he lived in an old school bus in Alaska called “The Magic Bus”. While he’s living in the “Magic Bus” the movie would show flashback scenes of his past as he’s growing up and his traveling adventures.

The mystery that everyone has been talking about for years is why this man would throw his life away and live in a bus in Alaska? The 142 Magic Bus still remains in the same spot in Alaska today where Christopher passed away in due to starvation.

As far as my thoughts on the movie goes, I was blown away. It’s also one of the greatest films I’ve seen in years other than “No Country For Old Men”. “Into the Wild” is Sean Penn’s best film. Just a perfect, beautiful film all around “Into the Wild” is. The acting was excellent, the pacing was good. The composed music by Eddie Vedder was incredible.

Not really much to say about it since I loved the movie too much and that’s all there is that need to be said really. Give the film a rent. I may have gave out the ending but this is based on the real story, so everyone knows that Christopher McCandless died in real life anyway so I did not really spoil anything.

It’s an interesting story that keeps you questioning and makes me want to read the novel, next time I go to the mall to do some shopping, I’ll look for it at the bookstore. Please give the film a rent or even buy the DVD is worth it too.

Film score for “Into the Wild”: **** (as in excellent)


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  1. Agree with you. This is a sublime film. I’m constantly impressed with how thoughtful Sean Penn is; he gives you so much to ponder here.

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