Report: Owen Wilson’s “Drillbit Taylor” flops in the box office…

Owen Wilson’s new movie “Drillbit Taylor” flopped in the box office, making it to No. 4 with a 10.4 million budget, it made the top 5 but not so good money wise. According to reports, they assume that his suicide attempt is the reason for the movie that flopped. That’s a horrible way to think of that in my opinion.

The reason that the movie “flopped” is because I think the movie simply looks “no good”, the movie looks like crap whether it has Owen Wilson in it or not. It has nothing to do with the suicide attempt.

 More on it here:

Even if Heath Ledger is gone, that is gonna help make “The Dark Knight” the highest selling movie of all times, not beating out “Titanic” but it could be close.

Never blame movies that bombed ’cause of a celebrity death or a suicide.

It’s just wrong.


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