Report: Julie Benz in for “Saw V”…

“Rambo” actress Julie Benz is signed to star in the popular horror movie franchise for “Saw V”. Benz will portray an elegant woman in the film. “Saw V” is set for release Oct. 24th.

You will also see Benz play in the upcoming new “Punisher: The War Zone”.

Variety Reports:

Keep in mind Sly Stallone likes to have actors and actresses in his movies that are “unknown”. He likes to star with an unknown cast. Why? Because if you star in a movie with Sly Stallone, they get better and bigger opportunities. Stallone made guys like Dolph Lundgren and Hulk Hogan big and famous. The same is happening to Julie Benz right now. I never even heard of her before the new “Rambo” came out.


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