Report: Richie Sambora busted for DUI…

The longtime guitarist for Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora has been arrested for DUI in Laguna Beach, California. He was picked up and handcufffed by police just before 11 p.m. on Tuesday. He was driving a black Hummer vehicle with a few babes and two minors included. He was booked and released at the Laguna Beach jail. He will make a court appearance on May 7th.

The Associated Press reports:

Another musician busted for DUI.

Sambora could get some state prison time if he was driving with minors in the vehicle and that ain’t a good sign.

Don’t drink and drive!


0 thoughts on “Report: Richie Sambora busted for DUI…”

  1. It gets worse. Ricky Sambora may have extra charges pending because it looks like he had kids in the car when he was busted. Look it up

  2. What a KNOB!!…. and I say that very reluctantly! The only reason I ever got interested in Bon Jovi way back in the day was because of the coolness and talent this guy brought to what is now a “joke band” catering to old soccer mom’s who still think they got a shot at banging Johnboy………. HALOOOO!

    Richie, dude what the hell were you NOT thinking, you’re a friggen multi mega millionaire who could probably order the Presidential Motorcade let alone your “private” full stretch limo to take you ANYWHERE you want to go at ANYTIME of day but you get a brain cramp and pull this stunt with kids in the car???

    Rich, if this is not evidence enough to start rockin’ hard again and stop taking those stupid estrogen pills that has you writing and recording the pablum you call “Bon Jovi Music” than I don’t know what a wakeup call looks like! STOP IT IT’S SAD AND BLOODY EMBARASSING, sheeesh!!

  3. I agree with Teds comments totally especially the music bit! I think when him and Heather split was a downward spiral .Richie I love how you played on the early recordings with passion and feeling I know you still got it in you….

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