Thought: About Dolph Lundgren working with Nu Image/Millenium…

I just thought of this. I think the reason for Dolph Lundgren’s big comeback to the big screen is considering that Stallone bringing back Rocky and Rambo to the big screen was a major success, Nu Image/Millenium decided it was time to start doing this to other 80’s action movie stars. So they picked Dolph Lundgren to work with first.

Will Nu Image/Millenium studios try to get Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme back to the big screen? Those two have been mostly doing straight to videos and independent work too. Jean Claude had said on MTV Movies Blog just a while back he is eyeing a major comeback to the big screen as well.

It would be nice to see Lundgren, Segal, and Van Damme all doing block buster successful films again. Bringing back the 80’s. Maybe Segal can do another sequel for “Under Siege 3”.


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