My Wrestlemania 24 review…

I watched Wrestlemania 24 tonight and I wanted to write a review…

 Here is my final predictions from last week:

How many predictions did I get right?

I got 4 of them right. Not bad.

For the match results here they are, I’ll scroll down with a Spoiler warning for those who hasn’t seen it yet:

********************WM-24 Match RESULTS – SPOILER WARNING***********

The matches I got right with my predictions are: Batista won his match against Umaga, JBL won his match against Finlay, Shawn Michaels won his match against Ric Flair, and the Undertaker won his match against Edge.

The matches I got wrong are: Randy Orton retained the WWE title (pretty cleanly, the audience actually cheered for Randy ’cause they didn’t want John Cena getting it), Melina and the Glamazon won the Bunnymania lumberjack match, Kane won the 24 Battle Royal and later won the ECW champ, CM Punk wins Money in the Bank Ladder match, and Floyd Mayweather surprisingly won against the Big Show.

********************END SPOILER WARNING*******************************

As far as my thoughts on the ppv goes, I thought it was actually really good. I was surprised by it. I wasn’t bored one bit, it was actually one of the good Wrestlemania since the last several years. The last several Wrestlemania’s weren’t great but this one was. I wasn’t bored one bit.

Each match was exciting, thrilling and quite a ride.

Snoop Dogg did get into a little wrestling action by giving Santino Marella a clothesline and Snoop got to kiss wrestling Diva Maria at the end.

A celebrity appearance by Kim Kardashian which she was the guest hostess, she’s looking beautiful as always, she’s always been one of my favorite celebrity women. I was glad to see her on Wrestlemania.

In Orlando, Florida look like the weather wasn’t too good there, it was cloudy during the day there and it was raining a bit, but the Citrus Bowl looked fuckin’ amazing when it got dark.

I would say the best match of the night was of course “Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels”, that match was a thrill ride and the best one. Both men performed wonderfully, so much emotion and you can actually feel it. Ric Flair has always been a favorite of mine for many years.

It was a good Wrestlemania, maybe it’s because John Cena didn’t win this time. Even though John Cena is supposed to be a good guy in the WWE, everyone still hates him. They know he sucks. Crappy wrestler and crappy performer. That’s why John Cena always gets “boos” everytime you see him on camera.

There were no one time only appearances by any past superstars. No Rock, No Stone Cold, No Hulk Hogan. No legends from the past. Mick Foley did make a brief backstage appearance with Snoop Dogg though, that was it.

The only thing I didn’t like about tonight’s Wrestlemania was when Triple H gave John Cena the crossface aka “The Crippler Crossface” Chris Benoit’s signature move. Ok, time out WWE, if you were going to ban everything that had something to do with Chris Benoit in WWE, that means banning the crossface too. Other wrestlers doing the crossface will just brings back memories to Benoit. We’re trying to forget that guy, Benoit was a real life murderer and an evil psychopath.

But other than that, Wrestlemania 24 was good tonight. It is improving. Great job WWE. Two thumbs up!


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