BREAKING NEWS: The Velvet Revolver fired Scott Weiland…

Slash recently announced that the band “Velvet Revolver” had kicked lead singer Scott Weiland out of the band. Slash says that the Velvet Revolver is about the fans and the music, but Scott Weiland was not committed to either, so the band was forced to move on without him. Which means they kicked him out. Weiland still seems to be an alcoholic and a drug addict which is probably the reason for his strange behavior.

Weiland agreed to leave the band so he can join the Stone Temple Pilots for a full reunion tour this summer. reports:

The Stone Temple Pilots reunion won’t even last long either, should Dean and Robert trust him after this?


0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: The Velvet Revolver fired Scott Weiland…”

  1. This Scott Weiland is gettin’ to be RE-GODDAMN-DICULOUS!. Talk about 9 lives, this guys 50! Kev, once again you’re right about the STP reunion. It’ll end up like VR did and STP before that. Evidently he’s still “using” (taking drugs, mainly heroin because he likes to go DOWN TOWN). Just out of rehab and back on the H is not a blueprint for success if you ask me.

    The DeLeo brothers were in that band Army of Anyone. Did “anyone” listen to them? I think not. The drummer owns the music studio where the musical portion of the Henry Rollins Show on IFC is taped.

    Thanks for posting this. I gotta go chow down and soak my feet.

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