Thought: The Rolling Stones is the most overrated band on this planet…

I love Rock n’ Roll music, don’t get me wrong. It’s the genre that I grew up listening to. And rock n’ roll music is what turned me on to become a musician myself. I love classic rock from bands like Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Rush, The Beatles, etc. I never liked the Rolling Stones. They have always been the most overrated band on this planet. Rolling Stones, the best rock n’ roll band in the world that people say? Not a fuckin’ chance! Mick Jagger is a horrible vocalist and the bands lyrics can get really lame and silly that it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve always admired Keith Richards as a guitarist, he’s a brilliant guitarist, I’ve always thought the Stones wrote the crapiest songs though.

Just the other day, the entire front page of youtube was all Rolling Stones videos ’cause the band just launched their official youtube account. My belief just to build up the hype for the upcoming Martin Scorsese film “Shine a Light”. I will not see that film at all.

I’m sick of all the hype of the Rolling Stones. The only reason the band is so popular and legendary is that Mick Jagger is god’s gift to women. The Rolling Stones would never be this popular if the band had a different lead singer.

I’m not into that “rock n’ roll” pop stuff, I don’t want to hear rock n’ roll music where it’s fun to dance to and sing alongs. I want to hear something tight, intense and powerful, something that knocks me out cold. The Rolling Stones does not do that to me.

I would prefer a big Led Zeppelin comeback over the Rolling Stones anytime.


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    YOU SOUND –JEALOUS????????????????????????????????/

    AGE SHOULD BE RESPECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Even though I like their mid to late 60’s music, The Stones have always been a media darling and a little overrated. In the early 70’s while on tour, they received massive press coverage from a largely ignorant music press at the time. I say that because Led Zeppelin was touring at the same time and they were outdrawing and outselling the Stones by a 5 to 1 margin and yet the vast majority of the media did their level best to discount or ignore Zeppelin entirely. A few clueless critics (RS ragazine) panned a couple of Zep’s early masterpiece albums so Zeppelin, with a very few exceptions, detested the music press and never kissed their collective behinds. Of coarse they didn’t have to considering their world tours would sell out in minutes without any advertising, in the days before computerized ticket sales. The fans knew Zeppelin was unique, they still do. I’m still a Stones fan, but Led Zeppelin (along with The Beatles) are the greatest and most influential rock band in history and never got the publicity and credit that that accomplishment merits.

  3. Rolling Stones is the only band to beat out Kiss as the worst rock band in the history of mankind….Right on Kev!!!!

  4. Bro, you gotta give a listen to EXILE ON MAIN ST. and STICKY FINGERS. Those albums are classics. For a long, long time their studio work has sucked, but you can’t deny their influence or the masterpieces that they already made.

  5. The Who shits all over The Rolling Stones, they’re the complete opposite.
    Musically, lyrically, the members, the talent, the innovation &creativity…..everything. They’re the Rock n’ Roll equivilent of The stupid Beatles, for fuck’s sake!…….just to keep it short & sweet, I’ll stop before I
    begin ranting, that just about sumz it up NE wayz.

  6. The Rolling Stones are the rock n’ roll equivalent of The stupid Beatles is what I meant, just to clarify.

  7. People who rave about how great the Rolling Stones are have never heard the artists that they’ve tried to imitate – Otis Redding, Booker T & the MG’s, etc. The Stones have some good songs but are a really mediocre R&B band. Keith Richards tries very hard to be Steve Cropper but isn’t even close.

  8. The Stones are THE most over-rated band ever by far.Musically they are sub par musicians at best.Most of their popularity and hype come from their personal lives and lifestyles not their music.Woody was dead on in the fact they arent even a good blues cover band. Richards is NOT a great guitar player instead is know for the amazing amounts of drugs and alcohol ingested over the years and the fact is still able to walk around and somewhat function normally.Most people that you ever see wearing stones shirts or attending their concerts claiming to be fans,probably can’t name five stones songs.Hands down Stones are the most over-rated EVER!

  9. Dragon Nostalgia is who is *SO * *STUPID*!! You don’t know what you are talking about at all!!!! I have been a huge highly impressed Beatles fan especially a big John Lennon & Paul McCartney fan since I was 9, I got my first Beatles book for my 11th birthday, & I had every Beatles album by age 13.

    I was only 5 when they broke up too. When I was 11 I had a music teacher ask us students to guess what music artists he was talking about, when he said they were genuises & they wrote 200 songs most of them great, acclaimed popular songs in just an 8 year recording career, & I said, John Lennon & Paul McCartney,The Beatles & he said yes thats right!

    The Beatles are the most critically acclaimed,popular, *Rock* band *ever* & for darn good reasons, & they are the most covered music artists ever! Everyone from Motown, to jazz, classicial, rock, pop, & even heavy metal has recorded their great timeless music! There are many music professors at good universities who teach college courses on what brilliant, innovative, creative & prolific singer song writers they were!

    One of them is award wining music professor & classical composer Dr.Glenn Gass at Indiana University who has been teaching a course on rock music & The Beatles brilliance since 1982.

    Even Eric Clapton says in an online 1977 interview that John Lennon was a pretty good guitar player, & he would have known since he played live in concerts with John as a member of his 1969 Plastic Ono Band! And both John & Paul are also as The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biograohy, not only such great song composers, but they were both among the best & most expressive singers in rock!

    And many well known accomplished bass players including Stanley Clarke, Sting, Will Lee, Billy Sheehan, & Wilco’s John Stirratt and other musicians recognize Paul McCartney as one of the best, most creartive melodic bass players ever! I could on with more information but there’s too much to write that debunks the ignorant cr*p you said!

  10. I just noticed I made a few typing mistakes, I really wish there was an edit buton on here!

    But I want to add that The Rolling Stones were good friends with & big fans of The Beatles. Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions & Keith Richards was at 2 of those with him including the TV broadcast of ALL YOU Need Is Love & A Day In The Life in 1967. The Beatles even wrote one of The Rolling Stones first hits,I Wanna Be You’re Man in late 1963.Mick Jagger was also with The Beatles in Bangor in August 1967 to study meditation with the Maharishi when they got the phone call that their manager Brian Epstein was found dead.

    Also The Beatles worked their a**es off playing 8 hoyrs a night taking speed pills just to stay awake & play in the sleazy rough clubs in Hamburg Germany,smoking,cursing,on stage wearing tight black leather pants & jackets. And they were very popular in these German clubs even with the gangster thugs who often went in them.And they were popular playing in The Cavern Club in Liverpool before their manager Brian Epstein created their fake cleaned up image.

    Even Ozzy Osbourne says, That The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth & he says not loving them is like not loving oxogen.

    The Beatles are very popular with people in their teens & 20’s both guys & girls on Rate Your Music, Last.FM where their fan group has over 3,000 members more guys than girls, & the average age is 22 years old, & The Beatles were the 1 most listened to music artists on Last.FM in 2006,2007 & 2008! They are also very popular with people in their teens & 20’s & 30’s on YouTube.On all of these sites, many of these young people are calling The Beatles The Greatest Band Of All Time!

    Bob Dylan is still a big Beatles fan and he still praises John,Paul as some of the best singers & song writers & George Harrison as a song writer too, and he said so just last year!

  11. I also want to add that Led Zeppelin is truly some of the worst most dreadful “music” I have ever heard in my life! They along with Queen and to a lesser extent Pink Floyd are the only bands that I have to turn off in less than a second and the only ones that sound so bad I’m almost ready to throw my new good stereo receiver against a wall and break it into a million pieces!

    Many people on different message boards say they don’t like Led Zeppelin either and say they are so overrated. Even some people on heavy metal boards.

    Many people say that they can’t stand not only Led Zepplein’s often dreadful noisy “music” with little creative artistic quality to it, and no beautiful melodies or harmonies ( like The Beatles almost always had!) Robert Plant’s common screaching and screaming “vocals” and many say they stole a lot of guitar riffs from old blues songs and even have said that Robert Plant’s lyrics are like a teenage boy wrote them!

    Jimi Hendrix, The Who,The Doors, & The Rolling Stones are all a million times better and The Beatles are a zillion times better!

  12. Short and Sweet here’s my list

    Rolling Stones
    Ac Dc
    The Beatles
    Led Zepplin

    All who are on here make extremely crappy boring music

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