Report: Spielberg for “Ghost in the Shell” live action 3-D???

Dreamworks studios has just acquired the rights to make “Ghost in the Shell” anime into a live action 3D movie and iconic director Steven Spielberg immediately jumped in the interest on directing it. He loves “Ghost in the Shell” anime films so much that he badily wants to make the live action.

“Ghost in the Shell” is a Japanese animated futuristic police story that fights against technology related crime.

Variety Reports:

As long as Spielberg wants in, Dreamworks will definitely give this opportunity for him. They’ll just look at what Spielberg did to “Minority Report” and “Artificial Intelligence” and they’ll say, “Spielberg has what it takes to make futuristic films”.

Spielberg would make a good “Ghost in the Shell” movie, as long as Spielberg don’t get Tom Cruise for this one, I’ll go see it.



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