Thought: Kate Nash is my new favorite music artist…

Kate Nash is a young Irish singer who actually came from Dublin, Ireland. She’s a multi talented musician that plays all instruments, but when she performs live she switches from acoustic guitar to piano. Her songwriting fits along the lines of Bjork or Ani Difranco but Kate Nash has her own sound. I like her lyric writing and she comes up with unique melodies in her songs. Plus, she’s a gorgeous looking girl who is not about breast implants and supermodel looks.

Listen to her tunes at her myspace: 

I barely listen to major label music anymore since today’s music is shit but once in a while I come across a new artist that I actually like. And Kate Nash is one of them. She’s fantastic. Listen to her and check her out.

I’ll probably pick up one of her CD’s at Best Buy when I go pick up Grand Theft Auto IV. Kate Nash is one of the hot new artists today who knows what good music is all about.



2 thoughts on “Thought: Kate Nash is my new favorite music artist…”

  1. …dude, she’s nothing like either Bjork or Ani. She has a simplistic, radio-friendly and poppy writing style. The sound barely even comes across as deliberate, and other than the ordinary subject-matter of relationships and how kick-ass she thinks she is, there’s little to be said for her lyrics.

    Can’t stand the fact that people like Nash are dominating the female-music market with such wishy-washy rubbish. It’s even more irritating to find that people *actually* think it’s comparable with the work of decent, hard-working and original musicians.

    1. I think that is a little harsh…I really like Kate Nash and so do loads of other people so she must be doing something right!

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