Report: Roger Waters play incredible set at Sunday’s Coachella, plays mostly Pink Floyd stuff, releases Giant Pig…

Roger Waters the former Pink Floyd frontman and founder of the band brought Coachella 2008 with a close, he played an incredibly tight set by playing the “Dark Side of the Moon” album in it’s full entirety. He also played all the hits from the legendary album/soundtrack “The Wall”. He also played one other song not off those two albums called “Pigs”, from their 1977 album “Animals”.

Roger Waters gave presidential candidate Barack Obama an endorsement by sending an inflatable pig in the air toward the end of the song. Under the pig was writing “Obama” with a checked ballot box alongside.

As the song came to a close, flames and fireworks burst into the air on stage, Roger says through the mic “That’s my pig”.

The Associated Press reports:

Coachella sounds like a great show this year, hope they release this event in a DVD set soon.



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