Report: Madonna “Sticky and Sweet” tour listings unleashed…

Here it is, straight from her official website:

As predicted, Madonna think she is too big and famous for Albany and Saratoga, but you gotta give credit for Neil Diamond willing to play Albany though.

Madonna will be playing two dates at Madison Square Garden so that’s the closest that New Yorkers will try to get a chance to see her live in person.

Would I go see her live? Probably not. I do like Madonna a lot but not enough to go see her in concert or start buying her albums. I do enjoy listening to her music ocassionally though.



0 thoughts on “Report: Madonna “Sticky and Sweet” tour listings unleashed…”

  1. The set list for this tour SUCKS MAJOR ASS!!!
    She is going to sing “Ray of Light” and “La Isla Bonita” for the umpteenth millionth times, yet she says songs like “Dress You Up” have been over played. Is she so high on Jewish Mysticism that she doesn’t know what is bad and what is gool?

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