Thought: Myspace is full of anonymous fakes…ways to tell that the profile is not real…

So are you the type of myspace user that is willing to add anything that sends you an add request? Are you the type of myspace user that adds people you don’t even know? Or did you come across a myspace fake anonymous just to cyberbully you?

Here are easy ways to tell if the myspace account is anonymous and fake. Many people in myspace aren’t really who they are. When I had my music account up, I came across a lot of fakes so I know this with experience. It’s easy to tell that if a person in myspace is a fake.

Here is a step by step:

  • Their pictures in the photo galleries may look like the same person but if you look closely at each photo you can see that the photos is a different person, example, the face is not quite the same and the hair color of the person is a little different each photo. It’s just their way of trying to make the anonymous page look like a real person.
  • The myspace user uses a default picture that is not of themselves, just some random google images or photoshop work they did themselves.
  • You think you’re making friends with the user, they refuse to give out who they really are, they refuse to give their phone number or where they really live.
  • You want to meet the user in person to hang out like friends, they tell you where to meet, and surprise, they never show.
  • You don’t hear from the user much and rarely see it logging in often…it’s because they are too busy using their own “real” myspace account, switching back and forth to their real one and their anonymous one.
  • In the information they write about like in the “About Me” stuff, they write silly and humorous things that a real person wouldn’t write about themselves, for example they write stuff like, “I’m fat and hairy, Richard Simmons is my hero” and stuff like that. They mainly write nasty and obscene things in the “General Interests”, and “About Me” stuff just to press your buttons.
  • In the comments section, you never see real people interacting with the myspace fake user, it’s mostly either advertisements and myspace hacked accounts posting stuff, for example, you never see the fake users friends calling them by the real name and just posting ads in the comments. Mostly hacked faked accounts. If there were real people in there, they would just be making fun of you.

And there you go. I can completely understand why people with myspace accounts only add people they know ’cause they don’t want to run into fakes. Myspace is a whole world of fake people.

Nothing wrong with adding strangers and trying to make friends with people you don’t know in myspace, but you gotta be careful. Just make sure they are truly a real person and make sure you can trust him or her long enough first.



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