Report: Title and synopsis revealed for new “Masters of the Universe” live action film…

Screenwriter Justin Marks has just finished the script for the new upcoming He-Man live action movie, and it is titled “Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe”. The latinoreview website exclusively reviewed Justin Mark’s script for the new He-Man movie.

And this definitely sounds ten times much better than Dolph Lundgren’s version. With an expert He-Man fanboy like Justin Marks, he knows what a He-Man live action movie is supposed to be. In this review it was said that think of the new upcoming He-Man movie a mix of “Lord of the Rings”, “The Matrix” and “Batman: Begins” all in one. In the review it explains the script is just an introduction to He-Man and Skeletor. I’m also happy that the next He-Man movie will be on his home planet instead of Earth in our time.

Check out the review here, this is a very good read:

It sounds pretty fucking sweet to me! I’m pretty sure they won’t mess up the new He-Man movie and make it a success next time around after the mistakes Gary Goddard did with the Dolph Lundgren version.

If they can pick the right actors for He-Man, Man at Arms, Skeletor and Evil Lynn, it’ll be a fuckin’ sweet He-man movie.



0 thoughts on “Report: Title and synopsis revealed for new “Masters of the Universe” live action film…”


    I pick Travis Fimmel for He-Man he could pull the part for the movie,but the the will be like Lord of The Rings and Batman Begins.
    So will Kaare Andrews makes his directing debut for the film if Justin Marks and Mattel get the ideas,but if there is more news about the director and the cast in the upcoming months we could comment a bit more about what is happening.
    Thank You.

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