Report: Clive Barker’s “Midnight Meat Train” straight to DVD?

Lionsgate studios is revealing that Clive Barker’s adaptation to “Midnight Meat Train”, a horror film about a New York photographer who hunts down a vicious serial killer that hides corpses on a subway train could possibly be getting a straight to DVD release.

After all the heavy promotion and hype for this flick, Lionsgate dropped the bombshell that this film is only being shown in a 100 theaters, then they are quickly releasing it to DVD after. A small limited release when they originally intended to release it nationwide everywhere.

More on it here:

Sucks to see it go straight to DVD. Just because movies go straight to DVD doesn’t always mean it’s bad. I think the film actually looks pretty good.

As you all know, I fucking love horror films and horror fiction. I’ve been huge on horror fiction my entire life. I love scary movies, blood guts and gore, anything scary, I grew up on the horror genre. But this film looked kind of cool after seeing the trailer a couple of times. For those who haven’t seen the trailer. Watch the youtube below.

For those who think this title of the movie is crazy and silly, hey, this is Clive Barker we’re talking here, and he’s always coming up with weird and silly things, this guy has a whacked imagination.


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