Report: Robert Plant and Allison Krauss in no hurry to end collaboration…

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss love their “Raising Sand” album too much that the pair don’t plan to stop making music together anytime soon. Robert says he wants to stay close to this project as much as possible. Meaning, he not want this to be just a side project, he wants his collaboration with Allison to be a full time thing. So expect Robert and Allison to make more albums together down the road.

Billboard reports:

I wish people would get their minds off Led Zeppelin and concentrate on this project with Allison and Robert. I love the “Raising Sand” album, it’s Robert’s best project outside of Zeppelin. Robert and Allison’s project has been overshadowed some by the Led Zeppelin reunion which is kind of sad. “Raising Sand” is excellent stuff and Robert deserves more respect with his project with Allison.



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