Report: An update on Kid Rock’s health…

The other day NME reported that Kid Rock was rushed to the hospital because he felt really ill, forced to cancel his Download concert performance. Kid Rock is staying at a hospital in Nottingham, U.K.

TMZ reports that Kid Rock had stomach cramps and dehydration. He was sent to the hospital last Friday night and it appears he is still there.

TMZ reports:

Sucks for Kid Rock. Get well soon dude, you’re a talented guy!



One thought on “Report: An update on Kid Rock’s health…”

  1. Sounds like he’s got real bad diarrea. That happened to me once cause I used to eat bacon raw right out of the package with a little salt and tobasco, I was peeing out my ass instead of the place it was supposed to come out and I got real sick cause everytime I drank something I crapped it right back out two minutes later. An there was all kinds of blood, too. I didn’t go to no hospital though, cause I’m not rich like Kid Rock. Must be nice to be rich, boy, I sure coulda died an then I wouldn’t be telling you that Kid Rock has the shits real bad.

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