Thought: 5 movies that need to be made into videogames…

With all these movies turning into videogames like “Iron Man”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Prince Caspian”, etc. I thought I would name my choices that need to be made into videogames.

Rambo – Yep, the new Rambo movie needs to get made into a videogame. “Rocky Balboa” got made into a videogame for the PS2 but there’s not yet a videogame made for Rambo 4 for the PS3/Xbox 360. I really think they should make one. I don’t want it just to be a first person shooting game, there’s too many of those games. I would make the new Rambo game an action adventure type, a storyline type of videogame where you have to rescue Rambo’s medical team from the Burmese army. Make a Grand Theft Auto style type of game. It would be a great videogame if done right. And of course, Sly doing the voiceovers for Rambo in the videogame too would also be sweet.

Dirty Harry – We need a Dirty Harry videogame, I think it will make a sweet videogame, make it based on all the Dirty Harry films.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Imagine how this Ang Lee’s martial arts flick would make a kick ass action/adventure fighting game, this game would work if it gets made. This would be a lot of fun to play.

Kill Bill – The Quentin Tarantino action flick starring Uma Thurman, would make a sweet videogame if we can play this character Uma plays.

The Oceans Eleven series – The movies based on the Rat Pack robbing casinos would make a great challenging and fun game to play if made right. Imagine how cool it would be to figure your way into the casino where the money vault is, then you have to make your way out without getting caught. I think it would make quite a game and would be cool.

Hope you enjoy the list. I might come up with more if I can.



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