Thought: Last night’s “Night of the Champions” WWE PPV…

I watched last night’s “Night of the Champions PPV”. Triple H and Edge both retain their titles so both the WWE Champion and the World Champion stays on Smackdown. So this means RAW is left with no main Championship title.

Best moment of the night of last night’s PPV was when wrestler Cody Rhodes turned heel on Hardcore Holly and joined forces with Ted Dibiase Jr. (the son of the Million Dollar Man), WWE finally did something shocking and surprising for once, I never saw that coming. This is what WWE needs to do more often, being unpredictable.

The USA Champ match with Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero was also a great match.

I also loved the women’s title match with Mickie James vs. Katie Lee Burchill. Women’s division is still improving and getting better. The women of wrestling have been doing some pretty impressive moves lately.

As for the other matches were kind of boring. Even the main event matches were boring.

What does this mean for Monday Night RAW without a main event Championship belt? Is this a sign that WWE can bring in a new belt for the main championship? It’s possible. RAW seems to be bringing in new belt designs every few years or so, it may look like they may change the main RAW champ belt again.

“Night of the Champions” wasn’t a bad ppv but could have been better. Only a few great matches but most of it was pretty boring.



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